Quentin turns 4

I can remember Anthony being four. It was such a great age. There is so much we are looking toward to with Quentin, and so much we are grateful for already. Some days I still wonder how it’s possible that he’s here at all. That all this isn’t just some lovely dream I will soon wake up from. 
A Montessori birthday is a celebration of the child. A time to focus on the child’s growth and life so far. We chose as we do every year to keep it simple with some hand made gifts from talented artists, and a quiet day. 

I scoured the web looking for a felted play mat that was “just right”. I finally stumbled onto this one. It is gorgeous, finely detailed, soft Austrailian wool and exactly what I was looking for. The shipping was reasonable and made it here fast. It will provide years of enjoyment and is definitely an heirloom piece. Some new Schleich forest animals complete the set. 

Quentin loves collecting things. Most often it is buttons. Anthony carved him a wooden bowl to store his treasures. Their relationship is a precious one. Anthony had kept the bowl a secret. It is beautiful. I still can’t believe he made it. 

We rounded out the day with a trip to his favourite bookstore and quiet moments. We are so busy. These quiet times are just a gift. 

Being mindful of everything that has led up to these four small candles on a cake is important. It’s important not to forget those things. It helps us be present in the moment and look forward to what this year will bring. 
Stay tuned as there is an upcoming post about our Montessori home spaces at four. 


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