Sunday Book Club: A Persistent Vine

Passing on culture through storytelling has been done for thousands of years and is so important for the healthy development of a child’s brain. I love when a cultural fable is presented wth beautiful artwork that captures the attention of a child. 

This is the second book I have been asked to review by Hands-On-Prints. A beautiful story set in Japan in the 9th Century. 

The story is rich and intriguing, but slightly longer. Quentin at almost 4 was able to sit through it, but it would best suit children 6-9 years of age. 

This book is part of a 4 book series with each of the books set in a different geographical region and time period. It compliments Japanese cultural studies done in the classroom, or at home, and is an excellent book for a child who has a love of botany and geography like Quentin does. 



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