A Child in the Wild 

We are reviewing a child’s adventure club. I’ll do a full review shortly when we are farther along, but I thought I’d share our travels of today. 

A Montessori child in the forest. There really just isn’t anything more awe inspiring. The soft foot falls, the quite concentration as he carefully steps over a mushroom.

Here, the rainforest meets the Pacific, and fresh water meets salt. Moving at the child’s pace, made us more mindful of our surroundings. 


Do you use a nature journal with your child? It is an easy and fun way of collecting memories. 

In the end he carried his pack the entire 80 minute round trip. We took our time, talked along the way, and made it all about him. We picnicked on a soft blanket, while the almost deafening crash of the Pacific loomed ever closer. When its reach was only an arms length away, we decided we’d better go.

The final destination was worth just as much as the journey.




3 Replies to “A Child in the Wild ”

  1. I just love everything about this. What are the tools on the blanket? (The binocular…or monocular? and the little thing with the silhouette of a fly?)

  2. These photos are so beautiful! What I would give to be close to the ocean and those gigantic trees! Especially today, when it’s -45 with the windchill and we are so, so far from any hiking.

    I’m really hoping that Fletcher comes to love the forest and all it’s incredible details as much as I do, but at 18 months, he seems in a bit of a wild phase (again, could be cabin fever being stuck inside with all that bitter cold outside).

    Anyway, thanks for a glimpse of your beautiful part of the world 🙂

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