Changing seasons: Materials and Exploring

I love tying what we have on the shelf with our bigger picture. Montessori is about immersing a child in rich, holistic experiences. 

So, when we want to explore the changing seasons, it only makes sense for us to find some beautiful Montessori friendly materials. 

And then, go outside. 


There is so much for a child to take in when walking in the forest. We purposely seek out quiet, peaceful spots where we can really take in our surroundings. This doesn’t have to happen in the middle of nowhere. A quiet corner of the park will do. We stop, practise some mindful breathing and really listen. Even at 3, Quentin has been able to master this with practice. 

There is just something about sitting beside a stream. The water starts rushing with the heavy Autumn rains where we live. We could just sit all day. 

In Autumn our favourite shelf activities include: leaf garland sewing, crayon/charcoal rubbings of leaves, and using Autumn themed free printables a like this one and this one

Materials collected from nature walks also make great counters to go with number cards. 

This is a beautiful new multi level puzzle we were gifted from Mind Set Learning Tools. Such perfect timing. 


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