Life Unexpected: My interview with Baan Dek

It’s funny how life happens sometimes. For me there are weeks even months of predictably, and then I find myself unexpectedly sitting in the Edmonton airport waiting for my flight home and I check my email. 

Baan Dek Montessori the makers of the world renowned Montessorium apps and the Montessori Work books approached me to do an interview. 

The last weeks have been a collaboration between us on top of the busy start to the school year.

I’m extremely honoured to have been asked by them. Their kind words and the words of other schools and families who have spoken out about how much the blog or our consultations have made a difference to them reminded me that you never really know how many lives you touch. 

It’s a good lesson for us all. 

Here’s the link if you’re curious:

Baan Dek Montessori

Author: Beth - Our Montessori Life

A mother of 2 boys and a Certified Montessori Teacher teaching in a 3-6 class. We don't homeschool, but our home is full of a love of learning. Most importantly, Montessori is not just school for us. It is our life.

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