Pumpkin carving


The humble pumpkin.

We North Americans (and now many others around the world) have this crazy tradition. Every Autumn, we trudge out into muddy fields and supermarkets in search of that perfect orange squash.

This is Quentin’s first real Halloween. He had no idea what to think!


He tried sitting beside it.


And then on it.


Finally Anthony came along and showed him (and Oscar apparently) what to do.


There was some initial hesitation when he saw what came out of it.


Anthony was patient.

“Eeeww pumpkin!”




He liked it more as he went along.


“Candle light”
“Pumpkin Light”

Author: Beth - Our Montessori Life

A mother of 2 boys and a Certified Montessori Teacher teaching in a 3-6 class. We don't homeschool, but our home is full of a love of learning. Most importantly, Montessori is not just school for us. It is our life.

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