The addition of art

Quentin turned 18 Months old this week. I realized that I hadn’t really given him some art trays. So although we have done art together for awhile, I felt it was time to make it accessible to him on his shelves.


My Mother sent some beautiful hand made orange pumpkin spice play dough. He squished it and poked it and pulled it off his fingers. We have been demonstrating how to role it into a ball. I love home made play dough. Easy to make, chemical free, and you can make any colour or scent you want. I’ve added a shape cutter to the tray, but really it’s all about the sensorial experience.


A new pasting tray. The little round box hold bits of paper, but really it could be anything. I have plans to add “things” to paste like fabric, buttons and feathers.

We have also had our Stockmar Block Crayons on the shelves forever.


We’ve also done painting with a brush, but I have to prepare the colours on a plate. I’m hoping that these new activities will be more self directed. I love seeing the joy on his face when he realizes he’s made something.

I’ve been asked for the play dough recipe. A big thanks to my Mother for sending it so quickly.

3 cups flour
1.5 cups salt
6 tsp .cream of tartar
3 tbsp. of oil
3 cups of water

Place all of the above ingredients in a pot, and place on stove.
Cook on medium heat until dough begins to form a ball, by coming away from the sides of the pot. Remove from pot and knead until desired consistency.

You can add food colouring and spices while kneading if you wish. Let cool slightly and place in a container with lid. Should last between 2-3 months.


8 Replies to “The addition of art”

  1. Hi Beth! I found your blog today and I am glad I did πŸ™‚
    Have you posted the recipe you use for the play dough? It looks very nice and I’d like to do something like that for my daughter!
    Thank you very much!

    1. Thanks Carmen, I’ve added the recipe at the bottom of the post. Home made play dough does not have the same plasticky feeling that commercial play dough does. It is very soft (may feel too soft) and a bit sticky when brand new. I will sometimes leave it in the air to dry a little bit if it’s too sticky. It’s also okay to have lumps and bumps. The kids love it! You can also add essential oils for smell, but spices are inexpensive and you don’t need a lot.

    1. Thanks Deb, but usually his curls are knots and he looks like he rubbed his head on balloon! The Stockmar crayons were worth every penny. They barely looked used even though we’ve used them for a year, and you can’t snap and break them like regular crayons.

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