Quentin’s Shelves 18 Months


It seems like I close my eyes for a second and when I open them, time has left me behind in the dust. Who is this crazy haired boy standing in front of me dancing and singing, and what has he done with my little baby Quentin?

October has been unpleasant for us. In the midst of it all, (with the most welcomed help of my Mother) I have been making/purchasing new “Works” for Quentin, desperately trying to keep up with his changing self.

He has completely entered his Sensitive Period of Maximum Effort. Montessori defined this as the time (usually beginning around 15 months) when the child will test his limits. Lifting, carrying, climbing, pushing. In short his maximum strength used to bring his physical body to new levels of independence. This, coupled with an explosion of Language has completely redesigned the baby we knew into a toddler.

It’s fascinating that the adult world has named this phase “The Terrible Two’s

Examined under a Montessori microscope it is something very different.

  • The child becomes defiant/the child has the mental capacity to make choice
  • The child becomes physically aggressive with objects/the child tests & strengthens their body so that they may have a better understanding of the world: physics, sequences, social reaction
  • The child seeks mischief & trouble/the child is more independent & able to leave their parents to explore the world confident that their parents will be there upon return
  • The child has temper tantrums/despite everything, the child’s mind is still young, self centred and incapable of forethought, hindsight, or consequence, but extremely capable of wonder, love, and self worth
  • All that being said, I have been rushing to try and keep up with him. I can’t show you everything (I just haven’t had the time to photograph it) but I can show you what is on his shelves.


    Top Left to Right:

  • basket of animals (rotated between farm and ocean)
  • dry pouring 2 vessels of equal size
  • fruit and veg cards for matching (4 each set)
  • Middle:

  • art medium and notepad (rotated between crayons and paint)
  • pumpkin spice scented play dough
  • Bottom Left to Right:

  • wooden stringing beads
  • wooden lock box
  • fine motor open and close activity (rotated with snake game)
  • These are the things that engage him. I am in the middle of making him a pasting/gluing tray, and I have my Parents hard at work on some bean bags to help direct his need to throw.

    It is such a fascinating age. I see new things in him everyday. I wonder what I will see tomorrow?


    5 Replies to “Quentin’s Shelves 18 Months”

    1. Where did you purchase the lock box? I know Sixtine would love one! How does he do with matching cards? I know my daughter wasn’t highly interested at that age. Love the farm animals – where are they from? We have a set of very small ones and I would like to get other themes! Thanks for posting!

      1. Thanks Deb. The lock box was found on Ebay, but I looked everywhere. It took me forever to find it. and have a similar one. He uses it everyday. He does well with the matching, but he has to really concentrate. Sometimes he just likes to hold the card and say the name of the fruit/veg. The farm animals are Scheilch. They are a little expensive, but are so completely worth it. They are sold individually (mostly) so you can pick what you want. The quality and detail is unmatched. The set of ocean animals (I didn’t picture) is from our local toy lending library.

    2. Hey just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly.
      I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
      I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show
      the same results.

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