Montessori Practical Life: Baking – Where to start

Do you bake at home? It’s one of my favourite things and yet it was (shamefully) the thing I had not yet given Quentin a real opportunity to do. He would do a small part. Turn on the mixer, get out the bowl, but really he would just work in his kitchen while I did it. Maybe once in a while mix in the flour.

What was stopping me? I don’t know. How complicated it would be. Or the mess factor I guess.

How very UN Montessori.

I decided to take a leap and plunged in…with something very simple.


At his weaning table, ingredients divided into bowls ahead of time, some of the dry ingredients premixed.


He started with stirring the oats already in his mixing bowl. I asked him if he wanted to pour. He said yes.



Then he wanted to stir for a bit. There was a small “sampling”. He didn’t like it.



He eventually said “Done”, got up and took off his apron. I cleaned up his table, got out his lunch and he ate while I rolled the Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookies into balls and placed them in the oven.

So what did I take away from it all? It wasn’t hard to do. The pre measuring could have happened during a nap or after he went to bed for the next morning, but I did it while he was just in the other room and it didn’t take long. It was good that I had lunch ready to go so he could move onto something and I could finish and clean up. It was also good that it was a simple recipe. No exact measuring, no complicated ingredients.

I also saw the concentration, and delight in Quentin’s eyes throughout the process. He named (repeated the name) of each ingredient as it was added, and he knows that he made something for the family. He contributed to family life which is a big deal in the Montessori world.

The best part was just being able to share something that I love with him.


7 Replies to “Montessori Practical Life: Baking – Where to start”

  1. Oh Beth, I am so happy to read that I was able to inspire you to cook with your son. It is messy but so worth it – it makes them feel so good to be able to contribute to family life. Sixtine absolutely loves cooking – not only because it is fun to do but mostly because she enjoys being part of the process. I love seeing her concentration too!
    As for pre-measuring, it really depends on the recipe. If it is a long recipe, I tend to pre-measure in advance, if not I will do it in front of her, naming each ingredient as I go.
    It is also a great way of getting her occupied when I am cooking supper – she loves husking corn, brushing vegetables…This is such a lovely post!

    I just noticed you live in Canada too! I heard B.C is a beautiful province!

      1. I am not very fond of the rain – it rains a lot in Paris and London and it is definitely something that bothered me. It doesn’t rain much here but when it does you get a run for your money!

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