Our Montessori Life: A snapshot

While Quentin polishes his wooden barn, some of the animals get a temporary display. 

With Montessori, the emphasis is always placed on realistic good quality. Our Schleich animals have held up for 3 years and look just as good as the day we purchased them. 

You can see all of our toy farm posts over on our Instagram feed, or search “Farm” here in our search window. 

We first started collecting animals for the farm when Quentin was 15 months and you can read about our first Montessori toddler activities with them here.

If you are looking to introduce animal figures into your Montessori at home space, look for quality and realism. Collecting them over time means that you don’t need to put a lot of money into them upfront and they will hold your child’s interest for years. 


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