Summer Road Trip Part 1: Food Planning to ensure Peace in the car 

What images come to mind when someone mentions road trip to you? Majestic countryside? Vast, salty seaside? Beautiful sunsets? 

Yes, and also bored, fighting, overstimulated children. 

To minimize this last image, we plan ahead. Pick some interesting stops to break up the drive and most importantly back a cooler. 

I’m always surprised when I get asked why a normally calm and happy child is suddenly hyper, angry, or destructive. My first response is always (like in any Montessori situation) to observe child (or adult!).

Did you confine a small child to a tight space for extended periods of time? Did you feed them packaged, processed, fatty or sweet foods? 

Taking the time to prepare wholesome, delicious food will keep everyone happy during the long hours while ensuring no one is reading nutrition labels, worrying about fat content or trying to decipher the chemical list. 

Back row: Coconut Chia yogurt, fresh cut veg, fruit and nut couscous, green salads
Front row: Raw energy bites, fresh fruit, organic cheese, banana choc. chip muffins. 


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