Sunday Book Club: A Kid’s Herb Book

The middle of the summer has found us spending lots of time outside. We have lots of great cookbooks for the boys, but what we were lacking was a book we could really get into about herbs and plant uses around the home. 

From fresh basil on pizza, to lavender mist on pillows before we go to sleep, we use plants a lot. So I was really excited when I came across this book. 

A Kid’s Herb Book for children of all ages by Lesley Tierra
Recipes that kids can help make range from Chamomile Tea for calming children, to Elderberry Syrup to relieve colds. We really enjoyed learning about the different uses for things growing right outside in our own backyard. 

Summer is such a great time to get out and explore things. To try something different. This is definitely a book for anyone looking to try some new uses for the herbs they find in their area. Either at the grocery store or your own back yard. 


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