Their smell was my childhood. 

I had a little garden I tended under a big maple tree and it was full of them. 

After 15 years of searching for them in every nursery here, I finally found them last year. I bought up the 4 plants they had and tenderly planted them under my own home’s maple tree. 

That night the deer came and ravaged them. I actually cried. I thought they were gone. 

That was a year ago. 

Then in the early Monday morning light, right as we were leaving the house, rushed and hurried, I stop to linger under the tree. There poking through the daffodil foliage were 3 slim stems of tiny white blossoms. My heart was full as I breathed in the scent of my childhood. 

3 hours later I was informed that my Grandmother had died that morning. 

We are all connected.

I will be taking some time off from all of our public spaces. I need to fly home. 

We have 3 hugely exciting collaborations coming up. I’m so thankful and thrilled to have been asked to work with such amazing Montessorians and their teams. 

I’ll be back in June to tell you all about it.

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  1. Thank you for posting this Beth. The smell of Lily of the Valley is my childhood as well and you will have tended the same plants under the maple that I did when I was a youngster. Well… descendants of the plants that I tended since ours were under the hedge that separated the lawn from the garden when I was little.

  2. Hello Beth, I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope your trip home is a healing and nurturing time for your family.
    I discovered your beautiful blog last week, and have since read every post (apparently I’ve browsed 13 pages! On the phone it scrolls through automatically). What a wonderful source of inspiration. It was so sweet to read of Quinten’s progress, you must be so proud of him! I am looking forward to building our book collection with your recommendations. God bless you.

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