A Child in Nature

 We are going to take a break from our Sunday Book Club this week to instead tell you about this.  
I love spending time out in nature with both boys. We are lucky to live where there is such a vast and diverse wilderness. I also love reading about the different Montessori friendly activities out there for children and their families so when this came along for us I was interested right away. 

We have been reviewing Wild Explorers Club for the past 6 weeks. Their website is well put together and explains the entire two year programme really nicely. It is a monthly subscription service and at a cost of $12US a month I thought we got what we paid for. 

Each week there is a new activity for the child and their family to try. The programme starts when you sign up so you don’t have to jump in part way through anything. The first assignment was make an adventure pack. Others included hike a new trail, find a walking stick and make a nature journal. It includes a monthly paper magazine shipped to your door and all the weekly assignments and final certificate for a level are accessible on your account page and are easily downloadable. 

Quentin was so happy when his badge arrived in the mail. I’m not sure we will do the full two years but it has been fun for us so far and it helps motivate me to get us out and seeing the world. 
* All right, I’ll put up a disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Wild Explorers Club and I was not compensated for my review. All opinions expressed are purely my own. 


4 Replies to “A Child in Nature”

  1. This sounds great, but can you do the program at your own pace, or must you complete an activity every week before it disappears from the site?

  2. I just found Wild Explorers Club for my older boys and am very excited to work through it! My son Samuel is on the Autism spectrum (very high functioning) and having something like this that is well thought out and very “methodical” in its approach is exactly what we need. We actually live on 200 acres and one would think there are many things “to do” – for most people this is true, but when you add in executive functioning that has some struggles then things can get really frustrating. I think it builds confidence in him and allows him to trust himself enough to actually start exploring/learning on his own. 🙂 Lovely site BTW – love it!! 🙂

    1. I agree Cheryl. It is such a nice methodical program and yet I also love that it is a “work at your own pace” program. I think having the guided activities help us get ideas for extensions on the topics. We can take what we are doing in Wild Explorers and work it deeper into our learning of something really sparks an interest.

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