Sunday Book Club: Something for the Teacher


My biggest passion in Montessori is the Peace Education component. Peace Education is sort of the overarching umbrella. Underneath that vast topic Stewardship is in there. 

While returning some books to the library this weekend, my eyes settled on the title of this book. It had me at the title, but the artwork stole my heart. 


This is a family book. I am reading it myself, Quentin and I are reading it together and our whole family can do the activities and follow the guidelines outlined in its pages. 

It’s broken down into three sections:

It has sections on what an unhappy animal looks like and what we can do to change that.  There are activities like making a worm compost, a mason bee house, and items needed on a forest hike. 

I won’t spoil any more of it. This is one every school, home and children’s group should have on their shelves. It can be found here, or try your local library. 


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