The Art of doing Nothing

The boys and I have been off for Spring Break together. How glorious it was not to have to live life by the clock. And also, surprisingly how difficult. 

To stop. To put down all the media and just turn off. To let the laundry list of “have to’s” become “not importants”. To be in the moment with my children. 


Early morning in the teepee reading. The light is most beautiful in his room in the morning. He matched his Schleich farm animals to the ones in the new book.


I came downstairs after tidying up breakfast to find him. Work mat rolled out, tower built, quietly working in whispers. We spent over an hour building and moving. Contrary to what many think, Montessori makes room for reality based imaginative play. “Mama, I’m going to take a break and get some lunch before I build the bank. Does your worker want to meet me at the cafe for some soup?” It turned out my worker thought that was a lovely idea. 



Practical Life: the pulse of the Montessori home. He washed and re-washed for awhile. Even after I was finished the lunch dishes. Then he pulled the plug, dried his hands, and took off his apron. “I think I’m gonna go rest now.” 


Today is the last day of our holidays. It’s also the first day of Spring, and our wedding anniversary. Quentin and I finished observing the sparrows this morning. We will wait until long after the babies are born to resume our watch. The male was very excited. Perhaps the nest is ready. 

We are ready. To start next week back into the swing of things.  It will be good to get back. But this time off has been good too. We have reconnected, refreshed. With ourselves and each other. The “have to’s” will be back first thing Monday morning. For now, it’s just us. 


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