Liebster Award


It is with great surprise and gratitude that I accept this award. Thank you to Katherine from I Believe in Montessori for the nomination.

It has come during a time of great change for our little family and it reminds me not to lose sight of the things I have already achieved, as I move forward in a new direction.

The award has come with some questions and also the task of sharing random facts about myself. So you will have to bare with me as I answer as best I can.

My blogging routine is not organized. I try to capture meaningful snippets of our days and also answer questions people may have. I write when I can.

Do I want to open my own Montessori school? Well, that is a tough one that I was actually speaking with a new friend about just today. I think instead, at the end of the day, I want Montessori for all children. Not the ones that can afford it or the ones who have a parent teaching at home. I want school reform here and around the world. I know, I know, but you asked.

My opinions of vegetarians. I think they are lovely. And, I think they are missing out on some delicious food.

The last movie I watched was “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Wes Anderson, you are a genius.

My 2015 New Year’s Resolution. To go after what I have worked so hard and sacrificed so much for.

My favourite Montessori Material. The Knobbed Cylinders. I don’t know why. Because they’re beautiful. There’s just something about them. This question was hard because I have a favourite in all the Montessori classroom settings. For the purpose of saving time I just went with my overall favourite.

If I had a million dollars. Well, that’s a personal one, but I’d buy a bit of land that was once in real life and will forever in my heart, be my home.

I would like to travel to Austrailia. We have a lot of family there, and now I seem to be blessed with a lot of friends there. I would like to spend some real time and meet people. Let the boys build strong friendships.

Three of my friends in blogging are Meghan Irene and Kylie.

My dream profession in childhood was to work in the financial sector. And I did.

Some of my favourite materials that I have made:

World Landmark card & figure matching set

Pull up bar over Quentin’s mirror installed at 9 months

One of the many mobiles I made him here at 4 months

As a finale, I have been asked to share 11 random facts about myself.
Ok. You’ve been warned.

My favourite colour is blue
I love good food and good food photography
I am almost always cold. I’m fairly certain I should have been born in the tropics
I like to be outdoors. Garden or beach or forest. That is where I’m happy
I love books but lately haven’t found the time. It has altered my mood
I love animals but am terrified of spiders. I suppose because they are insects. It goes back to my childhood
When I drink tea, I never finish the cup. I always leave a bit, much to the annoyance of those around me. Actually there’s half a cold cup sitting here now
I eat peanut butter almost every day. Some say it’s an addiction, I am not convinced
I sometimes lay awake and watch Quentin sleep. He will never ever be as small again as in that moment. From then on he will always be bigger.
I have never had to bury a pet until this week. As a child my cat lived till 23. It has profoundly changed me
I have a burn scar on my right arm. I always forget it’s there, but I can remember it happening. It is my earliest memory. I was one and a half.


I am thankful to have been considered for this. It makes me feel that maybe what I’m doing might mean something and I am very proud of that.
I am tasked with nominating others who inspire me, and so I nominate
Montessori Life as We Know It because you keep me pushing forward and Milkweed Montessori for keeping me grounded in my roots. They are both amazing fellow Montessorians and I am honoured to call them friends.
I also nominate Deb at Sixtine et Victoire. I will always regret that I didn’t meet Deb sooner. She is an incredible, and beautiful mother, Montessorian and friend who lets me talk her ear off from the other side of the country. One day our children will play together I am sure of it.
I only wish that I could also include How We Montessori but alas this award is for us small ones just starting out. It is a shame though because Kylie has been there from the dark days of the beginning and I feel truly blessed to call her a friend.

And so I pass the torch. My 11 questions are as follows. I’ll leave each of you to come up with your own 11 odd facts.

How did you discover Montessori?
What has been your greatest challenge with using Montessori?
Materials. Make or Buy?
What’s your favourite Montessori book?
Do you see any similarity in your children and yourself?
What’s your favourite thing about blogging?
What made you first decide to blog?
How do you take time for yourself?
What are you currently reading?
What is your favourite book your child owns?
And sure. Why not. What would you do with a million dollars?


8 Replies to “Liebster Award”

  1. Beth…….. what a wonderful entry. You make me proud to be your Auntie. Keep going………to all the wonderful places you deserve, and all the great things you will do, and all the children you will fill with delight for this world of ours as you become the best teacher.

  2. This is so lovely. Thanks so much for including me!

    I’m glad that there’s a new set of questions, because we might have had an embarrassingly synchronous situation: my answers to the first four questions would have been the same (we even just watched Grand Budapest Hotel!). I loved learning more about you!

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