It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or so the song goes.

What ever your family’s traditions, there seems to be a heightened sense of stress. Travelling, spending, and extended stays from family seem to contribute in their own way.

In our own home, even with a simple, pared down holiday, things tend to still get a bit much every once and awhile. My husband just completed his Masters Degree, and I am delighted to say that he is my guest writer today, since his final paper focused on exactly what I am focusing on: reducing stress and anxiety.

His media that accompanied his final paper focused on 30 activities to reduce stress. I chose some that really spoke to me to share with you.



Day 1. Try a meditation exercise to focus your thoughts and attention away from anxious thoughts. Visualization and self-affirmations are positive things you can do and say to yourself to bring calm and focus to your present.

Day 2. Understanding emotions and allowing yourself to feel them (positive and negative) can lead to you being more prepared and able to deal with your anxiety and the emotions that surround it.

Day 3. Journaling. Writing has a therapeutic value. You can go back to it later for reflection, or scrunch it up and throw it away.

Day 4. Excercise. Walk, yoga, or even jumping jacks will do wonders for mood. Nothing crazy. Even 15 minutes will do it.

Day 5. Friends and family. Yes although some may be the cause of all this, it’s important to stay connected. Call a good friend. Chances are they need it just as much as you.


Rob also cautions that should you feel that it is more than just “holiday blues” and that your feelings are seriously impacting your day, seek professional help immediately.

I want to sincerely thank Rob for allowing me to reference this resource that he devoted so many hours to researching and designing.

I hope everyone finds peace this holiday season.

What is the Montessori tie-in you ask? Well, I think it’s the most important one of all:

“The things he sees, are not just remembered, they form a part of his soul” – Dr. Maria Montessori


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