Our Montessori Home: the play/work space

I suppose the difference in our Montessori home is that not every room is set up in a Montessori way. We have a big house. I need part of it to be just for me. So although the boys have access to and are welcome in the living room there are no materials here. Instead they have their own space. A space entirely dedicated to them and them using materials at their own pace. Their bedrooms, the bathroom and the kitchen all have Practical Life and/or Care of Self aspects in them as well, (that’s another post) so I don’t feel too guilty when I say the living room is just for me.


This is how the space began. Quentin was 4 months old. It has concrete floors so it needed carpet. The wall mirror and movement mat were where we hung the Montessori Mobiles. But the shelf didn’t have a natural flow.


It got better. Quentin got older. This was the space when Quentin was 9 months. The movement mat was gone and so were the mobiles. The all important mirror remained with the new addition of a pull up bar. 

His shelves at 9 months: 

The pull up bar helped Quentin incredibly with his “pre-walking” phase. Anthony’s shelves are better organized. We also added this:

Quentin’s gross movement area and a reading corner at both boys could easily access.

At 11 months this is the space now.


The pull up bar is gone. A work table that Quentin can independently get up from is key in an infant Montessori space. There are many on the market, but we were lucky enough to have one made out of locally logged cedar by a friend.

So that’s where we are. It’s not perfect, but the boys enjoy it. The big window above Anthony’s work table lets in a huge amount of light and there is a large maple tree right outside where we watch the birds come and go from the feeder. As with all Montessori environments, it will continue to evolve to meet their ever changing needs.


3 Replies to “Our Montessori Home: the play/work space”

  1. Where did you purchase such beautiful montessori furniture? The table and chair, desk, washing station. Thank you

    1. Hi Sarai,
      In our kitchen, the weaning table and hand washing station are both Ikea that we have “made Montessori”.
      I cut the legs on the chair down to 7 inches and the table down to 14 inches which are the standard weaning table measurements. The toy kitchen has a sink that I drilled a hole into the bottom of. We use a flat plug to stop the water and a small mixing bowl inside the right hand door to catch the water when Quentin pulls the plug.
      Quentin’s desk with the large mirror in front of it in the boys work space was a beautiful surprise gift made by an artist friend. The small table, chair and mirror in Quentin’s room were made by my Great Grandfather many years ago.
      Many Montessori shops sell furniture which is beautiful, but any furniture will work that allows a child to work and explore their world independently.

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