Sunday Book Club: Summer on the West Coast

It feels very good to be back in this space. I have missed being here. 

As the days warm here we are seeking even more time outside. We picked up two excellent books this week that have really complimented our need to be out in Nature. 

The Specific Ocean by Kyo Maclear 

A girl is unhappy about leaving her friends behind to travel with her family to the ocean. However once she gets there, her prospective slowly changes and she allows herself to be drawn in by the sensorial  beauty of the Pacific. This book is full of rich, flowing vocabulary and it will challenge you to explore this type of vocabulary with your own child the next time you are at the beach, the park, or anywhere for that matter. 

West Coast Wild: A Nature Alphabet by Deborah Hodge 

This is the perfect alphabet book for anyone living in the Pacific Northwest, or wanting to learn about it. We just so happen to fall into both categories. An entire alphabet book dedicated to the wildlife and vegetation we see every day but would like to know more about. 

If you have any suggestions for excellent, Montessori friendly books let us know. Have a great week. 


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